Apple, Other Smartphone Makers Hit with Infringement Suits

2010年3月12日 星期五 張貼者: legist (強哥)
原告是一家叫做 SmartPhone Technologies LLC 的公司,告了好多人,有 Research In Motion Corporation, Research in Motion Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co. LTD., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., Samsung Telecommunications America LLC, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Sanyo Electronic Device (U.S.A.), Inc., LG Electronics, Inc., LG Electronics USA, Inc., Motorola, Inc., Apple, Inc., Pantech Wireless, Inc., Insight Enterprises, Inc., AT&T Inc. 以及 AT&T Mobility LLC。

SmartPhone Technologies LLC 於 2010-03-10 在德州東區地方法院起訴(同時要求陪審團),主張上開公司侵害其六項專利權:

1. Patent No. 6,950,645: "Power Conserving Intuitive Device Discovery Technique in a Bluetooth Environment."

2. Patent No. 7,076,275: "Method and System for Single-Step Enablement of Telephony Functionality for a Portable Computer System."

3. Patent No. 7,506,064: "Handheld Computer System that Attempts to Establish an Alternative Network Link Upon Failing to Establish a Requested Network Link."

4. Patent No. 7,533,342: "System and Method of a Personal Computer Device Providing Telephone Capability."

5. Patent No. 6,711,609: "Method and Apparatus for Synchronizing an Email Client on a Portable Computer System with an Email Client on a Desktop Computer."

6. Patent No. RE40,459: "Method and Apparatus for Communicating Information Over Low Bandwidth Communications Network

另外主張 Motorola, Samsung 以及 RIM 侵害其 Patent No. 5,742,905: Personal Communications Internetworking。

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